Selling Advice From Etsy Shop Owners

Selling Advice From Etsy Shop Owners

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot from Etsy sellers who have been struggling to make sales.  They worry-is the market over-saturated?  Are my products good enough?  How can I get more views, and more importantly, sales?

So, I thought I’d get some input from some shop owners who are hanging in there, doing their thing, promoting and selling every day.  Here’s what they had to say:

Rochelle of RochelleJayToday says that she promotes in local buy/sell Facebook groups or other groups that might be interested in her products and referring them to her Etsy shop for the sale.

Heather from ImaginationShake likes keeping up with the trends. “Once I started posting, for example, ninja party packages and farm animal party printables – things just started taking off. And I didn’t even want to make ninjas in the beginning, but now I have two separate designs for them! They are currently my best sellers! I never stop with the research now on what the hottest themes are.”

Kim of Freemansalesgirl likes selling her crafts locally, then referring to Etsy for repeat business. “Craft shows are a great way to get your name out there. Make sure every order has your business card with it with ALL of your social networking addresses. Last but not least, make a high quality product that people will keep coming back for.”

Alicia of Recycled Serendipity makes sure all of her customers feel special.  “I include a handwritten thank you card in each order and, if the customer has told me any info (this is a gift, etc.) I make sure to include it in what I write. I also make my packaging look nice – like they are receiving a gift: tissue paper, a bow, etc. go a long way. This has given more than a few repeat customers!”

Many other shop owners suggested having over 100 listings, promoting through social media such as Instagram and Facebook and offering great customer service.  I suggest that you think outside the box and try something different.  Try hosting a Facebook party or event to introduce your friends to all of your great products.

Always be willing to invest in your Etsy business, whether it be time or money or both.  I like to invest in Best Auto Renew – a service that will renew my Etsy ads automatically for me so they have a better chance at staying towards to top of the search results.

What about you-do you have any selling advice for Etsy shop owners?



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