Massive Giveaway Hosted by Hippie in Heels

Massive Etsy Giveaway

To say I was EXCITED to come across this giveaway is a total understatement!  The Hippie in Heels is hosting a massive Etsy giveaway with tons and tons of great prizes from all sorts of different Etsy shops!  You can win anything from Chevron Midi rings to long Feather Earrings to metallic tattoos:

Metallic Tattoo

There are sooo many different and cool and fun prizes that you’ll have to check it out here at the Hippie in Heels (that’s where you’ll enter too, by the way).  It’s a long post with lots of pictures of all the prizes but you can scroll down to the bottom to enter.  The giveaway is open worldwide and ends on March 25th.  It doesn’t mention this in the post, but I’m guessing there’s a different winner for each prize.  If you find that info out, let me know.  Good luck!

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