Tenth Anniversary Gift – This Year’s Most Popular Item In My Etsy Shop


My December sales have been slow this month in my Etsy shop which is kind of discouraging.  BUT, as I reflect on the year as a whole, my Etsy sales have increased almost 50%!  That is definitely something to be grateful for, and I must remind myself during this sluggish time.  And, what a better time to be slow than during this wonderful holiday season which is meant to be spent with family and friends.

Since I’m sharing, I thought I’d tell you all about my most popular product.  This year my 10th anniversary gift, customized with your wedding photo, has been by far one of my most popular items.  What surprises me is that I’ve had almost as many husbands purchase this for their wives as I have wives buying it for their husbands!  Who knew men would be shopping on Etsy?

Have you had any surprise sales this year?