Exciting update: we’re now taking submissions for FREE again!

    So you all may have noticed that the number of giveaways to share in recent months has been a lot lower–that’s because I had to change the format of this site to only list giveaways when the person sponsoring the giveaway could afford a small advertising fee. I was getting so many listings a day it was impossible to keep up with them all, and the ads weren’t making enough money to compensate for the amount of time it took.
    However, it dawned on me in a sleepless stretch last night that there might be a happy medium, so I’m trying out yet another new approach to the site. Now people with giveaways to share who can’t afford the small advertising fee can still share their giveaway through this site–it will just be in a shorter format, submitted through this form. A lot of the time was spent copying each individual piece of info in and then lining it all up right, but now I’m asking people to just put it all in one line for me to make the title of the blog post, and then the post itself will just contain a picture and a link to the site where the giveaway is. 
    Please note that freebie posts won’t get listed in the “Ending Soon” column to the left, simply because of how much time it takes to manually update that list with each individual giveaway.
    For those who liked the paid options, don’t worry, they’re staying exactly the same–you get everything you got for them before (only now with an extra picture, if you want), and you’ll still be in the “Ending Soon” list. 
    So yeah, bear with me as I try out yet another experiment in EtsyGiveaways’ approach–practice makes perfect, right? 
    Oh, and if anyone has ideas on how to make an easy way to see what giveaways are ending soon without all the manual work involved in maintaining the current blog list form, please let me know–I’m always open to ideas.